How to get the most out of your Amazon: an introduction to Amazon DSP

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Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a powerful tool that helps Amazon sellers market their ads to a broader audience. It provides access to Amazon-specific data and offers various targeting options to run campaigns in an effective and targeted way. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Amazon business with DSP.

  1. Identify your target audience

The first step to running a successful DSP campaign is to identify your target audience. Here, you should ask yourself who buys your products, where they live, what their interests are, and what devices they use. By identifying your target audience, you can target your campaign to the right people, increasing the likelihood that your ads will reach them.

  1. Choose the right targeting

Amazon DSP offers several targeting options, such as keyword targeting, audience targeting, and behavioral targeting. You should choose the appropriate targeting to ensure that your ads land on the right people. Keyword targeting focuses on people searching for specific keywords. Audience targeting focuses on specific demographics or interests. Behavioral targeting focuses on people who exhibit certain behaviors on Amazon, such as people who have visited a certain category.

  1. Use Amazon-specific data

DSP provides access to Amazon-specific data such as search terms, product details, and purchase behavior. By using this data, you can target your campaign more effectively and achieve better results. For example, you can target your ads based on the product details of Amazon shoppers to ensure that your ads land with people who have purchased similar products.

  1. Use appealing ads

A successful DSP campaign requires engaging ads that appeal to your target audience. Amazon offers different ad formats such as display ads and video ads. You should ensure that your ads convey a clear message and are visually appealing. Use engaging images and/or videos to reach your target audience and get them excited about your products.

  1. Optimize your campaign

Amazon DSP provides detailed campaign analytics that let you measure the success of your campaign. By analyzing the results, you can optimize your campaign and make improvements. For example, you can adjust your ads, change your targeting, or increase your bids to make your campaign more effective.


Amazon DSP is a powerful tool that lets you target your advertising campaigns on Amazon effectively. By identifying your target audience, choosing the appropriate targeting, using Amazon-specific data, creating engaging ads, and optimizing your campaign, you can get the most out of your Amazon business and increase your sales. If you don't have experience with DSP, it can be helpful to reach out to an expert to help you set up and run your campaign. With these tips and the right strategy, you can successfully advertise with Amazon DSP and increase your sales.

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