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To generate constant sales, you need to dynamically adjust the price of your items to the prices of your competitors. Doing this manually is extremely time-consuming and confusing.

Therefore, the use of repricing software is essential to keep an eye on competitors' prices and have your own prices optimized automatically.

How does eBay Repricing work?

Unlike Amazon, eBay sellers cannot use an existing ASIN as a basis for offering a common retail item on eBay as well. Each product is created as a separate sale ad on eBay and filled with information by the seller.

By entering certain search parameters such as EAN numbers, the title, certain part numbers or manufacturer numbers, you get an overview of all eBay sellers offering this product.

In our Youtube video you get a first insight into the metaprice eBay repricing software and its features:

Of course, we also offer you further strategy and filtering options with our eBay repricing software:


  • Exclusion or inclusion of specific competitors based on name, country & ratings
  • Item condition filter for used items
  • Pricing strategies for items without competitors (e.g. when competitors are sold out)
  • Competitor repricing based on different sorts (best results, cheapest competitor, etc.)
  • Competitor search in specific categories
  • Keyword whitelist for an even more accurate competitor search
  • Automatic import and export files for your ERP system


  • Articles with and without stock
  • Items that have not sold, for example, the last 60 days
  • Items where your competitors offer lower prices
  • Defective items (eBay error messages)

You can control and fill the software either completely manually or fully automated using CSV files from your inventory management.

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