Repricing for own brands and products without competitor
Price optimization for your ebay products based on sales figures.
Optimize your products based on sales figures!

Together with our customers, we have developed a form of repricing that allows you as a seller to optimize your products not only on the basis of competitor prices, but also on the basis of sales figures.

What is sales-based repricing?

Only about 10% of the products you offer on eBay are sold regularly. This is due to both seasonal demand and too high prices compared to other sellers on eBay and the web.

Many retailers disregard these products due to lack of time and poor evaluation capabilities, even though the lost potential is huge - through sales-based optimization, on average 50% of items regain regular sales.

With sales-based repricing, you can optimize slow sellers, new products, and products that need to be sold off based on existing or target sales figures.

How does sales-based repricing work?

To get started, you just need minimum and maximum price limits. Then you define the number of sales that should be achieved in a certain period of time, e.g. one sale within the next 7 days for products that have not been sold in the last weeks or months.

Once the sales target has been reached by our repricing software, our algorithms automatically kick in to generate further sales at a higher margin.

This saves you an enormous amount of time, brings back products you thought were dead and automatically increases your daily sales on eBay.

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