Repricing solution for private label and private label sellers.
Find and compare yourself to similar products without being listed on these ASIN's.

Our latest Whitelabel Repricing is designed to offer retailers with their own brands the ability to easily compare themselves to competitor products without being listed on the same ASIN.

What is whitelabel repricing (repricing for own brands)?

As a retailer with your own brands, you surely know the problem that competitors offer the same or similar product under a different brand name at a lower price, which can affect your sales figures.

Own brands and brands are increasingly represented on Amazon and offer you as a merchant the opportunity to become more independent from retail goods. When selling your own products, you no longer have a direct price war, but the price still plays an important role, especially on the Amazon marketplace.

With our new repricing software, you can monitor similar or identical products sold under a different brand name without being listed on the competitor's product. This allows you to react directly to price fluctuations and improve your sales and ranking permanently.

How does whitelabel repricing work?

Our new whitelabel repricing is just as user-friendly and easy to use as our other repricing solutions. The big difference is that you have to tell the system which ASINs to compare.

For example:

If you are selling vacuum cleaner bags that you produce yourself and want to price match a brand name manufacturer on Amazon, you simply need to enter the brand name manufacturer's ASIN into our system. Our system will scan the BuyBox price without you having to be listed on the ASIN and adjust the price according to your specifications. You can store up to 10 different ASINs for one product.

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