We support you in connecting our tools to the official Amazon SP API.
Easy connection to the official Amazon SP API.
50,000,000 - That's how many price changes are uploaded to Amazon every day through our price optimization tool.

On average, it takes us less than 20 seconds to calculate new prices and we send info to Amazon every 2 minutes.

You too can benefit from our know-how and have your prices optimized automatically 24 hours a day.

1. Create your free trial account

First of all, you simply need to register for our test account. Use the following link:

As soon as the registration is completed, you will receive your access data by e-mail.

2. Establish link with Amazon

Link your Amazon store to our repricing tool.

In order for our repricing tool to connect to your Amazon store and receive the required data, we need access via the Amazon SP API.

Click "Authorize Now" on the page we provide to proceed to the next step.

Place a tick here and then click on "Register now with metaprice GmbH".

Your Amazon account is now successfully connected to our software and we can receive and send all data relevant for repricing.

metaprice GmbH is an official developer in the Amazon App Store and is regularly audited by Amazon for security.

Phone: +44 20 4586454

Whatsapp: + 44 7587 320494



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