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Amazon SEO: The way to topseller status


Amazon SEO optimization means that the most important listing components are matched in such a way that every potential customer with his search query gets your product suggested. This result is achieved by matching the product images and videos to the title, bullet points and description and highlighting the most important product features there. Of course, a careful competitor as well as keyword research is also part of a good SEO optimization and can be decisive in the end whether YOUR product is displayed or not when entering certain search queries.

How do we go about it?

We first divide the listing to be optimized into three different areas, which are then elaborated and analyzed by our team.

1. relevance:

How comprehensive is my product description to the customer's search query?

  • Keywords in product title, bullet points, product description, backend keywords.
  • high-quality product photos and product videos in the marketplace language
  • additional data maintenance in Amazon Seller Central via flat file

2. performance:

How does the search engine - the Amazon A9 algorithm - rate the performance of
my product presentation on metrics?

  • Product price
  • Delivery time (FBM vs. FBA vs. PRIME by Seller) and shipping costs
  • no violations against Amazon guidelines (green seller account)
  • Amazon BSR / Best Seller List Ranking
  • active review management
  • Merchant reviews - quantity and quality, are they actively requested?
  • ASIN: Product Reviews
  • Response time to customer inquiries
  • Returns and complaint management
  • Overall customer satisfaction and listing metrics
  • CTR - Click-Through-Rate
  • Bounce rate & time on site
  • CR - Conversion rate
direct factors or metrics"

The direct relevance performance factors are an integral part of the evaluation in Amazon's search engine (Amazon A9 algorithm).

indirect factors or metrics"

The indirect relevance performance factors are not a component of the Amazon search engine (Amazon A9 algorithm) that directly influences the ranking. However, these metrics influence the product indirectly, so that these metrics have a decisive influence on the monetary success of a product.

3. offPage:

Which part of the total hits comes from other platforms, to which parts and which generate sales or added value?

  • External traffic generation
  • Google
  • Forums
  • Blogs, newspapers, public relations
  • Social media
  • TV Advertising - Second Screen

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