Up to £50,000 refund per customer.
Simply recover FBA fees - without commission!
Get your lost Amazon FBA money back easily - without commission!

Want to track down refunded, lost or incorrectly posted FBA shipments?

Together with our customers we have developed CashBack - a tool that allows you to easily recover FBA fees for lost, unreturned and incorrectly posted items.

We also display the incorrectly charged FBA fees. On average, our customers receive over 10,000£ back.

How does CashBack work?

It's easier than you might think.

We show you an overview of all potential cases in our software with all the required data, such as date, shipment number and FNSKU.

You can download this data as a ready-written text and use it to open a ticket directly with Amazon.

Our system automatically reads the ticket number and tracks its progress, so we will either show you the refunded amount or inform you if the ticket has gone nowhere.

Cash Back is completely free for our customers - so you save on average over 1000£ per year in potential commissions!

Phone: +44 20 4586454

Whatsapp: + 44 7587 320494



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