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With our know-how we help you to make your ads as profitable as possible.

With Amazon DSP, you open up the opportunity to target your products outside of the Amazon platform by targeting ads to Amazon customers on other websites.

The advertising media for Amazon DSP

• Standard Display Ads

• Dynamic E-Commerce Ads

• Video Ads

A simplified example to get you started

You want us to set up campaigns for your homemade vacuum bags that you sell on Amazon and show them to potential customers who are interested in vacuum bags and are on other websites?

Using Amazon DSP, we can display your ads on all websites that provide ad space to third parties through bidding, such as (third party) or IMDP (amazon).

The Amazon DSP system recognizes from user behavior whether there is interest in vacuum cleaner bags and whether any have already been purchased.

If this is the case, the software automatically offers an amount X to the website operator according to specifications, so that our ad, if we were the highest bidder, is played out and the customer gets to your Amazon product via a click.

Amazon DSP is NOT equal to Amazon Display Ads

Amazon DSP

The topic of Amazon DSP is much more complex than the normal advertising campaigns on Amazon, so of course we offer you a detailed information interview in advance.

Amazon DSP is available to all Sellers, Vendors and Businesses, even if you don't already have an account on Amazon - the minimum budget for Amazon DSP campaigns is £50,000 if you book directly through Amazon's managed service.

The minimum budget we require is 5.000£ and that in a defined product segment. This means that we discuss in detail why DSP makes sense for this product, which goals are pursued with this type of campaign and why it is the right advertising medium for this purpose.

For smaller budgets, we recommend taking full advantage of Sponsored Products, Display and Brands Ads beforehand.


Possible goals could be brand awareness, i.e. to increase brand awareness of the brand in general. Another possible goal could be to sell off a product at the end of the product life cycle or season and target bargain shoppers for this purpose.

A much more complex case may be to target only customers who should be female and aged 35-49. In addition, the ad should only be served if the device is an iPhone or iPad. Even the place of residence can be narrowed down for the ad, for example, if the service is only available in a certain region.

DSP Advanc

The ability to address its customers directly and greatly limit the large wastage of marketing, especially advertising, is the enormous advantage of this advertising format and shows in the next section power of the advertising format.

We would be happy to explain what Audience, Pixel and simple Pixel are all about in a personal conversation.

The following Amazon target groups exist:

  • Target demographics:> 35-44, female> 65+, male
  • Interest-based audience
  • > Technology
    > Cars
    > Literature
  • Lifestyle Target Groups:
    > Online grocery shoppers
    > Hippster
  • Target groups according to life events:
    > Wedding
    > Change of living situation (apartment, job)
    >new pet owner
  • In-market target groups:
    > Luxury fragrances for men
    > Sports underwear for women
  • Device target groups (device or browser)
    > iPad
    > Firefox
  • channel-based target groups
  • User-defined target groups

Questions that should be asked beforehand

  1. Which target group do I want to reach with my campaign?
  2. What budget can I allocate?
  3. What is the time frame for the campaign?
  4. Is my stock sufficient? How quickly can I get subsequent deliveries?
  5. On which platforms should my campaign be played?
  6. What is the goal of my campaign? Are there multiple goals?
  7. How is success measured and what are the targets?
  8. Do I use self-service, Amazon as a partner, or an experienced agency?

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