Increase your sales significantly with the help of Amazon Business.
Use our Amazon Business Repricer and increase your B2B sales automatically.

Have your Amazon Business prices automatically optimized based on B2C prices!

For many sellers on Amazon, the business marketplace is not yet relevant or is often disregarded.

In fact, according to Amazon, the business marketplace is the fastest growing marketplace and a lot is being done on Amazon's part in this area.

By automatically adjusting B2B prices through our repricing software, we can increase sales by more than 20% on average.

How does B2B repricing work?

It's very simple.

We take the existing minimum price as well as maximum price limits from the B2C repricing.

You just need to set a custom price gap for your B2B price.

All changes made now in B2C will be automatically adjusted in B2B as well.Besides, you can set how much discount a business customer should get if he buys several of your products at once.

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