No BuyBox as the only seller for a product on Amazon?

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1. the private label or private label products are also offered on other major marketplaces and/or in their own online store.

2. the same SKU is used for the items in all listings.

How does Amazon manage to find the products on other marketplaces?


Amazon goes and reads the data of the other marketplaces or online stores and compares the products based on the EAN number or based on the SKU (this can usually be found quite easily in the source code of the product).

Possible solutions?

Since you cannot change the EAN, the only option is to use a different SKU for Amazon than for other marketplaces or your own online store.

However, the implementation is relatively complex, since the internal systems such as the inventory management and the middleware must be adapted accordingly.

Alternative solutions?

Of course, the easiest way is to always offer the lowest price for your products on Amazon, or at least always have the same price on Amazon as on all other sales channels.

Alternatively, at least as far as your own online store is concerned, you can use newsletter coupons so that the discount is not visible to other systems.

How can a repricing system help with this problem?

With the help of our repricing solution you can automate the search for the BuyBox price.

Once the BuyBox for a product is lost, ourSystem will search for the highest possible BuyBox price as long as it is within your minimum and maximum price limits.

For some products, we can automatically read the highest possible BuyBox prices, eliminating the need to search for the BuyBox price altogether.

We will be happy to show you the different solutions again in a personal conversation and you have the possibility to test our software 10 days free of charge, without subscription or contract.

Register directly for the free test:

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